Model Conversion


I was wondering if there is a way to convert an STK Model (*.mdl) formatted file over to the glTF format? I realize that this might be multi-step process where I have to go from MDL to COLLADA to glTF. Also I need to do this in an offline mode so the web converter that is provided in the forum threads will not work for me. This would be all for custom models that have been built for incorporation into STK.



I do not believe AGI provides a way for customers to convert their own MDL models to other formats; however I know that we have converted models to Collada for customers in the past. If you have a limited set of models you need converted, I would reach out to AGI support and they can probably help you out. If you are looking for a complete solution to let you convert your own models as needed; I know that AGI has something in the works but I don’t have the specifics handy. Contacting your sales rep might be a good idea as well.



We plan to have something available late summer (could be beta). AGI is developing commercial products for
1. An offline MDL and COLLADA to glTF converter. In addition to conversion, this will do optimizations to improve the performance.
2. A model server for conversion/optimization and storage that works with both STK and Cesium.


Hi Sean,

Has AGI made any progress on this project? I'm currently looking to edit our custom models in Blender. They are currently in MDL format with articulations. Blender will read in COLLADA *.dae files. Would I still need to convert to that? Also, will I be able to push back out to COLLADA with articulations?