Models combined in Unity3D?

Hi There,

I was successfully converted a nwd to tileset and works with CesiumJS, and there is a function to get the building info from user mouse click. see below img.

Tdy my boss asked me to bring the function to Unity, but It is found that the tileset has been combined after imported into Unity, it causes no single object can be selected.
see below image.

May i know is it a normal behavior also is there any way NOT to batch the mesh up together?
Many THX

Level 5 of the Cesium for Unity Samples project shows how to access the metadata for individual features:

Thc for the reply, but the main goal is to manipulate the transform (pos, scale)/ shader/ material/ animation of the selected object, but the mesh is batched/combined together, i have no ways to control it separately.

Say i want to animate a door “open and close” by mouse click or change it objs shader to be highlighted or it texture.

May i know how to keep the model in signal obj based which like the one on the web? Or am i missing somethings? Please give me a hand thx.

If you’re loading the same 3D Tiles tileset in CesiumJS, it’s working exactly the same as Cesium for Unity. The metadata properties you see when you click are derived in the same way that I linked above. In CesiumJS and Cesium for Unreal, it’s possible to use those metadata properties for styling, but this isn’t yet available in Cesium for Unity. I don’t think it’s possible to change transforms of individual features in any of the engines.

Individual tiles in the 3D Tiles tileset are glTFs, and it is possible for a glTF to contain animations, but that’s not very commonly done. It would be necessary for the 3D Tiles tiler to have preserved those animations when you generated your tileset, which is unlikely. How did you create the 3D Tiles tileset?