Modify terrain tiles data

Hi everyone,

I'd like to know if it's possible to directly modify the data inside the file containing the elevation data of the terrain tiles?

to make the terrain smoother for instance.


I forgot to specify that i'd like to do this through javascript and do it in a specific area that may change depending on a given file.

Thank you

In my application I use "sampleTerrain" to get the height of some tiles I need, is there a way to basically make a function that would take a position as parameter and modify the height/elevation of it?

Hi there,

I don’t believe you can edit the vertex data directly will the current Cesium implementation, though you could edit the source code to add a plugin point to GlobeSurfaceTile that will transform the vertexArray. If you have any luck with it, that would also be awesome to contribute back to core Cesium!