MOUSE INTERACTION NOT WORKING after a touch interaction

Before any touch interaction the mouse works fine.
After any touch interaction the mouse does not work.


Best regard to all the great Cesium Community from Italy (Rome)!


1) I open a Cesium application, like for example Sandcastle
2) I rotate correctly the globe by finger touching
3) I try to interact with the globe by the mouse but the mouse does not work


Thanks for reporting this. I will take a look into the problem in a few days when I have access to a computer with a touch screen.



This is actually by design (for better or for worse). We stop mouse interaction when touch is detected to avoid double events everywhere. Part of this is due to limitations of current input APIs.

I believe PointerEvents solves this problem, but not all browsers support it. You can try using the Pointer Events polyfill ( in your application and it will most likely fix the issue. I recommend most/All Cesium users do this actually in order to standardize input behavior everywhere.

the problem is still present.

If you start the Sandcastle app and by touching you rotate the globe, the globe rotate correctly.

After the touch interaction the problem appears.
No more mouse interaction are possible. The mouse is out of work. When you start to interact by touch, the mouse goes offline and never works correctly again.

I'm just testing this problem using Sandcastle with no code implementation using a 21 inch touch screen.
The only coding is the default line 1:

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer');