Mouse - Movement, doesn't work


i have problems with the mouse-movement, sometimes the movement with CTRL doesn’t work but a movement with SHIFT, this happens especially with the rotation.

Does someone have similar experiences ?


Hi @Ruediger_Brand,

Thank you for sharing this with the community! Quite frankly, I have never experienced this while using CesiumJS. Can you provide a sandcastle example and some input instructions that can help showcase the error?


When you track an entity (green target box), ctrl+mouse doesn’t run because the cameras locked to the object, while shift+mouse will still work. This sounds like what might be happening to you.

Interesting point. Yes, Cesium allows the camera to track a specific entity in the scene.


Hi, this is a new feaure for me.

What do you mean with green target box - is this the selection indicator for 3dTiles, buildings, … ?

In which way can I switch this off ?


Double click the satellite, or click once and click the camera that is on the description box that comes up, and the entity will be tracked, that makes the ‘green’ box show up showing its tracked. When this is the case, ctrl+click doesn’t do the rotate camera.

To un track the entity, double click off of it or click the camera again to untrack it.

@mhernandez624 thank you for sharing this! This is great advice :+1:

@sam.rothstein @mhernandez624


can I prevent the tracking mode programmatically ?