Move a model based on live lat, lng, pitch, roll and yaw

Please see the image attached

I have place a new waypoint and a dottel line connecting those waypoints. What I need help is that a new rover icon should be shown and it should mark the actual trail (red dotted line). Not sure how to get the dots plotted when the rover moves. Can you please help us with the steps to achieve this.

You are going to want to specify the rover’s route with PathGraphics likely specifying the leadTime = 0.

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Is there any working sample?

any help would be very much appreciated


The people that watch this list are willing to help people solve implementation problems and understand more about how CesiumJS works. You have given the group very little information about any problems you may be having and instead seem to be looking for someone to implement a solution for you. What’s the operating context of the application? Is it real-time or for after-action reporting? Have you looked at Sandcastle where a search for path would likely get you started?


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Thanks Scott_Reynolds,

Sorry to leave you with little information on my problem. I am trying my best to give more information on the problem. It is real time action that has to happen based on the user interaction and the vehicle current position.

The application that I am currently working on is to control multi vehicle (unmanned) with active multi mission.

  • Control multi vehicle means - to create a waypoint by dropping a pin (technically I have used Billboard). The reason to use billboard is because I want to drop custom icon.

  • mission means - to start a vehicle so that it can move along the waypoint created.

  • The vehicle is real one on the filed outside somewhere in the world which gives me the current lat, long, pitch, roll, yaw, heading details ect…

So far I have achieved is to create Billboards when a user clicks the map, the current vehicle position based on the lat and lng is being marked on the map (using point billboard).

Currently, I am trying to move the vehicle to a new position based on the updated lat and lng. I get the new location every 800 ms and also I want to mark a trailing path (the actual path) of the vehicle moved.

Can you help me in educating the correct usage of the library to get what I am expecting to achieve.

Note: I am looking something like this on a real time. I have to show the vehicle heading position, yaw position and altitude i.e. all kind of rotation, direction and altitude.

My requirement is similar to this post as well - Real-time path interpolation