moving sceneMode from 3d to 2d and location search is giving error even in sandcastle

Hello Mathew/Patrick,

when moving from one sceneMode to another say from 3D to 2D or 2.5D and perform location search to any place (say london) two times or more,

then we are getting kill pages .

we could reproduce the same in sandcastle also. Move to another scenemode and perform the location search. please repeat the above process

a couple of time then it is hanging and giving kill pages.

please let us know as to how go about it.

thanks and regards,


Hello Chandrika,

Thank you for reporting this. Do you think the error you’re seeing is related to this?

I couldn’t reproduce the error you’re seeing as being related to the geocoder search, but it’s a known issue that if you change the scene mode a bunch of times it causes the application to hang. Let me know if you see the same thing by changing the scene mode without doing anything else.



Hello Hannah,

without location search i am unable to reproduce the error, however we are able to reproduce by following the below process:

  1. trying to do geocoder search for some time by changing the scene modes on BingMapsAerial

  2. then moving to BingMapsRoad and trying to do the same process of lcoation search and chaging the scene modes in the same BingMapsRoad .

then the application hangs.

thanks and regards,