Moving to a new organization on Github

Hi all,

We spun out of AGI in June 2019 to form our own company. During this period we have continued to use as our Github organization in order to least disrupt our users and ourselves.

On February 17 and 18, we will undertake an effort to move all our code repositories from AGI’s Github organization to our new home at

We’ve done as much homework as possible to make this as smooth as possible for us and for you. Github preserves redirect links to the repositories, such that if you do use the AGI links, you will be redirected and your work remains uninterrupted.

What’s changing?

  1. Repositories moving to organization
  • 3d-tiles
  • 3d-tiles-samples
  • 3d-tiles-tools (will be renamed to 3d-tiles-validator)
  • cesium
  • cesium-concierge
  • cesium-google-earth-examples
  • cesium-ion-3ds-max-plugin
  • cesium-ion-blender-addon
  • cesium-ion-community
  • cesium-ion-plugin-template
  • cesium-ion-revit-add-in
  • cesium-ion-sketchup-extension
  • cesium-ion-webodm-plugin
  • cesium-threejs-experiment
  • cesium-webpack-example
  • cesium-website-model-converter
  • cesium-workshop
  • collada-dom
  • gdal
  • gltf-pipeline
  • glutess
  • LAStools
  • libcitygml
  • obj2gltf
  • quantized-mesh
  • strip-pragma-loader
  • xerces-c
  • wetzel
  • webglreport
  1. The following repositories will be moving to, but will be marked as read-only due to their unmaintained status.
  • cesium-materials-pack
  • cesium-webstorm-plugin
  • cesium-worldwind
  • collada2gltf-web-service
  • mapbox-cesium
  • OpenPhillyGlobe
  • EarthKAMExplorer
  1. The repositories listed below have had their features integrated into other repositories, or are not being maintained. In an effort to maintain a clean presence on Github, we will be deleting the following repositories from AnalyticalGraphicsInc github on February 20, 2020, and not moving them to CesiumGS.

Users are welcome to fork and maintain them these repositories.

  • cesium-assets-list
  • cesium-plugins-list
  • cesium-sensors
  • gltf-statistics
  • gltf-utilities
  • Fork of logstash-input-cloudwatch-logs

What’s not changing:

  • NPM Packages hosted on - cesium, gltf-pipeline, obj2gltf, 3d-tiles-tools and strip-pragma-loader will not be affected.
  • We will continue to use Travis CI for our continuous integration. We will link the CesiumGS organization to Travis during the transition.

If you have any questions, regarding this transition please let us know by replying to this post. If you have previously done such a transition, please reach out to us and we would love to know the lessons learned and avoid any interruptions.

We’re excited to make this transition as it is an important milestone in the growth of Cesium as a company. Thank you for all your support as we grow.

  • Shehzan Mohammed on behalf of the Cesium Team

Hello Shehzan,

That’s great news :slight_smile: I have a couple of questions though:

  1. Do we need to sign a contributor license agreement from start?
  2. What about our contributions? Will they point to the old repository?
  3. What is GS stands for?


Hi Aristeidis

Answers are inline:

Do we need to sign a contributor license agreement from start?

No, you do not need to. The same CLA applies.

What about our contributions? Will they point to the old repository?

We are using Github transfer of ownership for the repositories. All repositories will remain the same, except move under the CesiumGS organization. You contributions will be listed on Github.

The old repository URLs will redirect to the repositories under CesiumGS.

What is GS stands for?

GS stands for Geospatial, but for all practical purposes the company is Cesium.

  • Shehzan

Hello Shehzan,

I am unable to view mapbox-cesium in Cesium Repo.