Moving towards Cesium 1.0

Over the past few months, we cleaned up the Cesium API to make it more consistent, concise, and easier to use. We are now picking up the pace to move towards Cesium 1.0.

Cesium 1.0 will have:

  • A reasonably stable API with a clear deprecation policy. Right now in beta, parts of the API break from release to release. In 1.0, if the API needs to break, it will be deprecated for one to three releases before being removed.
  • Flushed out reference documentation and several new tutorials. This will include high-level concepts in the API.
  • Select critical bug fixes and minor features. In particular, we are striving for official support for IE 11 and Nexus 7.
    Issues for Cesium 1.0 are labeled 1.0 on github.

Our goal is to release Cesium 1.0 on July 1. The last beta version, b29, will be released as usual on June 2. Given the tight schedule, we may not be as responsive as usual as we focus on 1.0. It will be worth it. :slight_smile:

We’ll followup with more details as we move 1.0 forward.


As you may have seen from the flurry of recent pull requests, we are making a lot of progress towards 1.0. However, given the large number of breaking changes and doc improvements, we are not ready to call the July 1 release 1.0. Instead, we are going to release b30 as usual on July 1 with all the recent goodness, and release 1.0 on August 1. This will give us enough time to do a more thorough job stabilizing the API.

To track progress, keep an eye on the pull requests and 1.0 issues, and just ask for updates here on the forum.