Cesium in 2013 - 1.0


One last thing I want to touch on is reaching Cesium 1.0. For a 1.0, we need to have breaking changes stabilize, finish the reference doc, and determine what features are essential, e.g., terrain, models, and CZML. I suggest we let things stabilize organically until we need a 1.0 because of (1) lack of adoption due to a beta status and/or (2) the desire to make a splash with a 1.0. So far, I have not heard any potential users complain about (1). World Wind Java went for years as beta, building a large following. I, of course, am not suggesting that we stay in beta forever, but am encouraging us not to force a 1.0. I suspect we would agree on 1.0 late this year or early next year as terrain, models, and CZML stabilize.