Multiple Labels for each Entity


Is it possible to add an additional label to an entity like a collection of labels to follow the entity as it moves with czml data. My understanding is that each entity can only have one label graphic and we can only have separate stationary/fixed label collections? Correct me if I’m wrong please.

I was thinking on using an html overlay with text to dynamically display and follow the entity, however, it seems like those are prerendered in a ‘canvas position’.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

You can nest multiple child entities under a parent with the parent property.

It’s also possible to have HTML overlays move around dynamically. You could use similar code as this example, but update the position variable with the entity position.

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Hi @Shadow88s,

I’ve combined 2 sandcastles for the solution @Gabby_Getz provided:

Best, Lennart


Thank you so much for both inputs. @Gabby_Getz and @lennart.imberg