Need Cesium Developers for 3D Real Estate Project

Hello, I’m working with a high-profile organization on what will be the ultimate real estate map of NYC. We have direct access to all of the listing data, and a multitude of other spatial & semantic data sets that we would like to have a portal built on top of a Cesium 3D map implementation.

  • Use 3D vector tiles to render high resolution photomesh derived from oblique & street level imagery (provided)
  • Open-access public portal and broker-only login-secured portal
  • Deliver UI concept to show listing & property data for a selected parcel, as well as bundled data layers
  • Build out robust search & filtering system across listing data
  • Provide UI space for listing broker direct contact
    I have extensive expertise as a non-technical product manager in this domain, and am looking to either hire a consultancy or assemble a team of contractors to deliver this project incrementally with aggressive quarterly milestones over the next year. Ample capital is available for this project, though strict cost & schedule estimation will need to be adhered to given the significance of the stakeholders involved.

Please contact me with any interest or suggestions at and please include your background and comp expectations.

Hi Stefan,

Great project, good luck staffing this! We tweeted it:

Keep us posted on your progress. We’re happy to showcase this on the Cesium website when you’re ready.


Hi Stefan

I'm CEO of CartoConsult in the UK. We develop on top of open architecture, including the Cesium globe, in fact we've been working with Todd Smith and Tim Rivenbark to trial 3D mesh data too.

We would be interested in some Dev work if you are happy to work with us across the pond?

Get in touch!