OT: here.stamen.com


An experimental service using WebGL and 3D data fromhere.com

Interesting. Just skimming http://content.stamen.com/here.stamen.com

‘The idea is: take a look at the broad range of data that drives the HERE product portfolio, help to figure out the best ways to release the right bits of that data to developers so that a healthy ecosystem can flourish around it, and build prototype projects on top of that platform to light the way.’

How about integration into Cesium as a ‘prototype project’? Surely this would be more useful than three.js experiments? Is anyone in contact with them?


Thanks for sharing. Chris - we are not in touch with them, but it would be awesome for you to reach out.

I agree that we could take the visualization much further. They serve tiles via something TMS-ish, but we’d still need to do more work to integrate it into Cesium, and more work to make it fast, and more work to make it interactive, e.g., per building metadata if it’s available, but an initial implementation shouldn’t be too overwhelming.