Need Image Text in all side of Rectangle Primitive

I need Image text on all sides of the rectangle primitive.
how to get it done.
Please suggest.
i have attached code and Image below.
i have provided sandcastle link aswell below.

let rec = new Cesium.Primitive({
geometryInstances: new Cesium.GeometryInstance({
geometry: new Cesium.RectangleGeometry({
ellipsoid: Cesium.Ellipsoid.WGS84,
rectangle : Cesium.Rectangle.fromDegrees(-80.0, 39.0, -73.0, 42.0),
height: 0,
attributes: {
color: Cesium.ColorGeometryInstanceAttribute.fromColor(Cesium.Color.YELLOW),
appearance: new Cesium.MaterialAppearance({
material: new Cesium.Material({
fabric: {
type: “Image”,
uniforms: {
image: “http://localhost:8080/3d/cesium_tasks/Cesium_Logo_Color.jpg”,
faceForward: true,
materialSupport: Cesium.MaterialAppearance.MaterialSupport.TEXTURED,

I’m (not entirely sure, but) reasonably sure that it is not possible to apply textures to the “walls” of an object that have only been created by extruding a (2D!) shape. It would be difficult or impossible to define texture coordinates for these walls - at least, for the general case.

But you could consder using a box instread of an extruded rectangle. Then you could just apply an image material, as shown here:

Cesium Box Textures

The sandcastle: