New Cesium release: b22

We’re pleased to announce that Cesium b22 is now available! You can download it here:

See the release blog post for information about what’s new, along with screen shots.

To save you a click - or maybe you don’t want to see the screen shots? - here are some highlights from the release:

  • Added a Geocoder widget to Cesium Viewer and applications that use the Viewer widget. With this new widget, users can type an address or the name of a landmark and Cesium will zoom to that location.

  • Added a GoogleEarthImageryProvider for accessing imagery on a Google Earth Enterprise server. Thanks to Caleb Morse and Dave Hite for the contribution!

  • Added visualization of the Moon, and added IauOrientationAxes for computing the Moon’s orientation.

  • Added Material.translucent property. Set this property or Appearance.translucent for correct rendering order. Translucent geometries are rendered after opaque geometries.

  • Added enableLighting, lightingFadeOutDistance, and lightingFadeInDistance properties to CentralBody to configure lighting.

  • Added Billboard.setTranslucencyByDistance, Label.setTranslucencyByDistance, DynamicBillboard.translucencyByDistance, and DynamicLabel.translucencyByDistance to control minimum/maximum translucency based on camera distance.

  • Added PolylineVolumeGeometry and PolylineVolumeOutlineGeometry.

For a full list of changes, see the change log.


Hi Kevin

I was trying to launch B22 HelloWorld in Safari on my Mac “thing”

Safari is stopping when using the helloWorld.html located in the build folder

Using b18, no crash but nothing displayed except the Cesium icon image

Do you know if this is possible having Cesium displayed on Mac? idem if it could be working on iPad



HI Kevin

I just ran successfully the sandcastle on my iPad. Here a screenshot from the iPad

This is not very quick but it works


Hi Bruno,

Cesium works nicely in Chrome and Firefox on Mac OS X. In Safari, WebGL support is not enabled by default - you have to enable it manually. Even then, I believe there may be some problems in (some versions of) Safari that prevent Cesium from working. Scott can speak to that more authoritatively.

Regarding the iPad, I was under the impression iOS does not support WebGL. Is my information out of date, or did you use some trick?


Hi Kevin

This is to b confirmed but in the very last OS X Marvericks, WebGL should be activated by default in Safari and Cesium will work as well

On the iPad, Cesium is not working in Safari. I found on the web, a project called “WEBGL Browser”. This is coming as a project to be compiled with Xcode and self deployed on your iPad. Then running Cesium that that non official Browser, you can be successful


That’s good to hear that Cesium works on an iPad using WebGL Browser. Hopefully Apple will officially support WebGL soon!

Officially, Cesium won’t support iOS until Apple officially supports it. Any apps that “unlock” WebGL support right now are banned from the apple store so it’s impossible to actually release a product with it.

I couldn’t find any information about Safari officially supporting WebGL in Mavericks. Scott, have you heard anything about this? Cesium will certainly support Safari once it’s official.

For mobile right now, your best bet is Android, particularly 4.4 devices, which allow you to use Cesium in an embedded WebView and create completely offline apps.

Safari 7 still has the Enable WebGL checkbox in the Develop menu. On my system it was checked, but I had checked it myself many versions ago, so I don’t know what the default value is.

Hey Kevin,

Just updated to b22 and found out that my own modified HelloWorld.html was not working properly anymore. There I basically use the viewer instead of the cesiumwidget for starting the application:

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer');

As you mention, the geocoder widget is added to the viewer but displays quite strange, unfortunately I cant add a screenshot here but I guess you'll see the same when you make the following change to HelloWorld.html from:

    var cesiumWidget = new Cesium.CesiumWidget('cesiumContainer');


    var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer');

Over here, this leads to a gigantic black question mark being showed over the globe on rendering. When clicked the screen splits in two and the bottom half of the page is displaying the geocoder widget. The mouse functionality in the map becomes then unavailable..


ps - browsing in chrome here

Hi Lucas,

The Viewer widget needs the corresponding CSS as well. Change this:

@import url(…/Build/Cesium/Widgets/CesiumWidget/CesiumWidget.css);

To this:

@import url(…/Build/Cesium/Widgets/Viewer/Viewer.css);

I’m guessing you already did this at some point, or you would have seen problems with other sub-widgets as well, like the animation control. So make sure that the version of the Viewer.css you’re using is the latest one from b22, and try clearing your cache.


Hi Kevin,

Great that you guys also answer to quite stupid questions.. I guess sometimes one just looks to long at the same stuff and can't think clearly anymore..

Thnx again!