New Entity API - Multiple polylines in one entity

We are in the middle of porting our codebase to the Entity API, however we’re facing a problem.

In our app we had some custom-made primitive types, one of them was a deformable/editable grid.
It used a polyline collection which we updated in real time according to camera movement (including subdividing the grid as you zoomed in, etc)

However I can’t find a way to put multiple independent lines in a single Entity.
It makes no sense of having multiple entities per line in this case, since each line is not an individual object, but rather part of a dynamic grid (which contains hundreds of lines), and that would probably also cause a big performance hit).

What you guys suggest, is there already a way to do this using the Entity API?

MultiGeometry in general is something the Entity API doesn’t handle well right now but it’s something we want to improve on in the future. That being said, it sounds like your grid is custom enough that you are probably better off leaving it as is anyway.