Rendering 600 static polylines

Hi there,
I am trying to render 600 large polylines(covering about russia for instance).
Those polylines do not move, don't change their material and the only thing that might change is their show property. Also the show\hide is relevant for all of the polylines at once.

What is the best way to do so?
I have seen a post talking about putting them all into an array of geometry instances and then putting it into one primitive but it didn't went well.

Any other suggestions?



There are two ways you can add polylines. The first would be to use the entity api:

This should work fine for most cases. However, since you know your polylines are not going to be changing, you may have better performance if you use a polyline collection:



Hannah, PolylineCollection is actually slower for static lines than Entities will be. I strongly encourage everyone to use the Entity API unless there is a specific reason not to.

gonengar Check out the Visualizing Spatial Data tutorial:

Mathew - isnt the best way to draw many polylines is by using one primitive with many geometry instances where each instance is one polyline?