PolylineGraphics vs Polyline

Hello everyone ,
In my app I am rendering large amount of polylines that updates when a new message arrives via websocket.
Currently , I am using the primitive API , rendering my Polylines in a PolylineCollection.
Unfortunately , performance take a big hit when getting to about 1K dynamic polylines.

After a bit of reading in the forum, I saw that I can use the Entity API ,
setting ArcType.NONE and clampToGround = false , which resulted in much better performance.

The problem is, that the Entity API is async, which results in flickering when setting real-time data
for positions change / Material change.
Is there a way to use the Entity API and render these polylines on demand without flickering?
Alternatively , Is there another way to solve it?

thank you.

Hi there,

Would you mind including some sample code for how you are currently rendering your polygons?

It should be possible to use the equivalent of ArcType.NONE and clampToGround = false in the primitive API.