Polyline flicker with alpha < 255

I’m using a polyline to show an entity path. The path positions are updated at regular intervals along with other scene components before viewer.render() is called. If I use an alpha value less than 255 then the polyline flickers. It appears as if the polyline is being erased and redrawn each time the positions are updated.

Why would this be the case only when the alpha is less than 255?

Thanks, Matt.

Matt, am I understanding you correctly that you are just using entity.polyline and assigning entity.polyline.positions each update? Assigning values this way is inefficient because Cesium things you are updating static data, not dynamic values. I really need to get a tutorial together to discuss stuff like this, but check out this post I made a while ago that will hopefully shed some light on the subject: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/cesium-dev/-qQemO1C-eg/FU7Xo9WwF08J

That’s exactly what I’m doing. The way I do it now runs at 60Hz so I figured I was OK but I guess that was naive. A tutorial would be great.

Your earlier post implied that the time history data were known beforehand but that’s not the case here. New entity state data are coming in at 60Hz. I’ll study up some more and see what I can learn.

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If you don’t care about building/maintaining history, then CallbackProperty would probably work best here. You could keep the last known info for each entity around and have the CallbackProperty return data from that. I’ve also been floating the idea of adding a DynamicProperty that you would juts call setValue on, but depending on the use case, CallbackProperty may be more performant.