Newer custom version of Release

Hi, I am currently using Cesium on UE 4.27. Everything has been working fine, but I recently made a few blueprint changes to the DynamicPawn.uasset. After committing this to a branch, and checking out on a different computer that is also running Cesium on UE 4.27, I see an error saying the “DynamicPawn.uasset has a newer custom version of Release”. I also notice that this .uasset no longer appears in the UE Content Browser, but does appear if I look in the File Explorer Content folder.

Any suggestions on what to do here? I have tried rebuilding everything, including the engine itself, but no luck.

Hi @fullerar,

If you’re building the Engine, that’s probably the problem. UE 4.27 built on your own machine is not the same “version” as the official UE 4.27 from Epic, nor is it the same version as UE 4.27 built on another machine (even from the same commit). There’s more about Unreal Engine versioning here:

As far as I know there are no Cesium-specific versioning issues here, so you may have better luck asking Epic if you have questions about how Unreal handles asset versioning.