Plugin versions: 4.26 vs 4.27


I would like to know if there are separate CesiumForUnreal plugins for UE4.26 and UE4.27.

I was building our UE4 game on Linux with UE4.27. I copied the CesiumForUnreal plugin from UE4.26 (deleted the Binaries and Intermediate files) , and changed the engine version in the .uplugin file to reflect UE4.27.

Do you think what I did is right? I was able to package the game with UE4.27 without issues. I’m just afraid the way I copied over the CesiumForUnreal plugin is not correct and that there is another plugin available out there specific for UE4.27.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The 4.26 and 4.27 versions of the plugin have identical source code. The only difference is in the built binaries. However, for best results, we recommend installing the version built for your UE version from the Epic Marketplace or from our releases page.