Unable to use/build plug-in for Ubuntu Cesium for Unreal (4.26)

Hello everyone. I am trying to get Cesium for UE4 (4.26) working on Ubuntu 20.04, and I am unable to do so. So far, I’ve tried the following things:

  1. Using the pre-compiled CesiumForUnreal plugins in UE 4.26 on Ubuntu located at https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium-unreal/releases/download/v1.9.0/CesiumForUnreal-426-v1.9.0.zip

  2. Building the binary for CesiumForUnreal plugin located at this link https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium-unreal/archive/refs/tags/v1.9.0.zip and copying the output plugin into ~/UnrealEngine/Plugins

In both instances, UE can detect that the plugin exists. However, activating the CesiumForUnreal plugin and restarting it for a blank project would result in the following error:

LogInit: Warning: Incompatible or missing module: CesiumRuntime
LogInit: Warning: Incompatible or missing module: CesiumEditor

Thus preventing the project from being opened. I’d presume that pre-compiled plugin should work out-of-box, unless the issue is due to Ubuntu being on 20.04. May I know if there are any critical steps missing, or is this a bug that the Cesium team could address?