NOAA Marine Charts

I wonder if anyone has any advice on how to get NOAA charts (they start in ENC) format to render in Cesium? I have tried converting them from ENC to SHAPE, then translating the SHAPES to geojason format. I wonder if there is a more direct way to do this?

Marc Aubanel

I’m not familiar with ENC, but once Cesium supports KML, is that a more direct route?


Have you tried using ENC Direct


While I’m not very familiar with ENC data or the S57 format; if you are able to parse it via JavaScript then a good option would be to implement your own custom DataSource (similar to CzmlDataSoruce or GeoJSONDataSource). This would allow for Cesium to read the data directly without the need for any type of conversion.

While there’s not a good tutorial for doing this yet, there is a Sandcastle example to use as a reference:

If you decide to do this, we would be happy to accept it as a pull request back into Cesium.

Has anyone worked on this? There’s a ton of data out on the web, and I would like to pull in any data that would help with fishing.

In particular: NOAA, AVHRR, and Modis Satellite Data

I’m still trying to get access to the data, but if anyone has worked on this and would want to share that would be terrific.

TIA, Scott


If you have some samples for this type of data it would definitely help. We could open a GitHub issue for adding support for it since I don’t see one already for this.

Ok, I’m working on it. There’s a lot of data out there, and I’m trying to figure out how to gain access to what I want.

Scott - under the ocean tab there’s more data.

This will allow you to download geotiffs which would be a start. I’d like to just be able to open my application and see the latest satellite information.

I’ve used GDAL to create tiles before, but I want this data as an addition layer to the base imagery. What would be the best approach to pull this data and then process it for viewing?


The NEO data is available as a WMS. See Thanks to Kevin Ward at the NEO Group for the link.


We are working on visualization ENC charts on CesiumGS, we use sh2pgsql from gdal library to put charts in a PostGis DB. After we use GeoServer, with style for each S-57 object.

For Cesium, we use Cesium.WebMapServiceImageryProvider for area, or Cesium.GeoJsonDataSource for buoyage, for example.

Here some images :

Actually our site is in maintenance, next week links will be usable.