How to load electronic chart by cesium

How to load electronic chart by cesium.

What’s an electronic chart?



For S57 vector charts, we use PostGis and GeoServer on our server. For raster charts from NOAA OpenSeaMap or MBTiles we use


Oh, thanks. I’ll try.

Hi @sergemorvan29,

How did you set up your CesiumJS environment to have the toolbox on the left side of your page as shown in the screenshots?


Only with HTML and CSS.

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Not sure about entity, but you can see in czml how you can use html in the description box to make simple charts, see step six here for the file: Introduction to Cesium Stories – Cesium

and in the czml it shows the html for those simple charts

for entity its shows an example of the html here: Creating Entities – Cesium

under entity features in the viewer