Work with geoserver

Hi folks,
I want to connect cesium to geoserver. I have a project with different maps. Openlayers, google maps for 2d. osm buildings for 3d. But i need to change osm buildings to cesium for better performance and more tiles. But i got questions,

I readed a topic which about cesium and vector tile. cesium does not accept vector tile. so, how can i convert my data to 3d tiles. its not a file (shp,kml or something). My data storage is about 5 gb and i cant convert this table to shp or something else because of data continously updated. I need to use geoserver for different map pages.

What should i do?

Thanks, Atakan.

Hi Atakan,

We don’t yet have tools available for you to tile your dataset (although we’re working on it!), but if you contact us directly, we may be able to help tile your dataset for you. See this post:!topic/cesium-dev/xLkYIuku9hA

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel