Not show infobox for certain GeoJSON

I’d loaded two GeoJSON: GJ1 and GJ2. There’re in the same space.
I wanna show the infobox just for the GJ1.
But something when you click, it appers the infobox showing features about GJ2.

I’d seen this:

But I’m not sure What changes I have to do for it works in GeoJSON

Also I’d read about use DrillPick for my case, but I don’t know how to use it.
Thanks a lot!

If you only want to disable the infobox for certain entities, you’ll need to add an event listener to check for when that entity was selected, and unselect it:

// Disable infobox/select for entity with the name `GJ1`
  if ( === 'GJ1') {
    viewer.selectedEntity = undefined;

Here’s a Sandcastle that allows you to select all state polygons except for Texas.