Objects on globe to CZML


Is there an easy way to export current displayed objects (like polygon, billboards…) to czml file?



Unfortunately not. It’s certainly a capability that would be cool to have, but we haven’t looked at it ourselves. Since primitives have no concept of time, it wouldn’t a time-dynamic CZML file, but just a state of the scene (which could still be very useful for many use cases). As always, we would love to have more contributors working on Cesium, so if you’re interested in working on it, we’d be happy to provide some ideas on how to go about it.


Could polygon or polyline be exported to Czml files now? For example, the terrain model can be used to create the aspect map (as attached figure). Could users export the aspect polygons to other applications? Thanks a lot~
Matthew Amato於 2013年3月1日星期五 UTC+8上午4時40分24秒寫道:


We don’t have out of the box CZML export yet, but it’s one of the Google Summer of Code projects. If it ends up being one of the projects selected, then expect these capabilities to become available over the next 6 months or so.