Obtainig individual model info from multi-model asset


Is there any way to operate each individual model in an asset containing many similar models? Saying “operate” here I mean an ability to make each specific model clickable (so that modal info window appears) or even to hide several models on demand. It’s easy to implement such options when you operate with asset directly, but operating its CONTETNTS is unfortunately not clear to me at all.

Here is an example of multi-model asset I’m trying to deal with. It contains 1000+ .fbx models: ID 1532642

And here’s some sort of video guide, showing my problem is definitely solvable, but not explaining how exactly it is: 3D City Modeling with Blender 2.82 and Cesium.js (blender cesium) (BlenderGIS) Web-based GIS - YouTube

The guy on the video somehow uses Blender materials to parse them out in Cesium. I’m using Blender as well and already tried to do the same with zero result: nither Cesium detects my material names nor the model names or other in-Blender indicators.
Here is my smaller testing stands for parsing: multi-modeled, ID 1540894 and combined one (all models exported as one file) as shown on the video, ID 1540891.

Hi, and sorry for not replying to this sooner.

Currently our 3D Capture and 3D Design model tilers do not preserve metadata or individual model uniqueness during the tiling process. This is planned on our roadmap but we do not have an ETA at this time.

Our building/city tiler, which relies on either CityGML or KML + Collada (.dae) as input does preserve this data and allow you to click on individual buildings. If you notice the video you linked to is using this method.