How to get multiple tiles in cesium ion?

Hello, I’m new to cesium ion so not sure if I’m doing this correctly. I have a huge model of a city in .obj format with .mtl and textures. I uploaded it to cesium ion and selected 3d Model (convert to 3d tiles) as I wanted it to convert to 3d tiles.
After uploading I actually wanted it to split into many small tiles but it looks like it’s just 1 single tile. I’m not sure if internally it has been split in smaller tiles. it looks something like this.

What I actually wanted should look something like following,

I tried using a model which was split into many .b3dm files and with few json files one of them was tileset.json, after I upload it I’m getting the same single tileset thing. How do I do this?
Thank you

When you upload data to Cesium ion it should create a single 3D Tileset, which contains individual 3D Tiles.

Can you provide more information (and possibly code) about how you created the top image? It may be possible that multiple tiles are loaded, but the boundaries are not shown. For example, the Ceisum Ion asset viewer it displays a bounding box around the entire tileset and does not show individual tiles.

Can you provide an asset id it will help us provide answers specific to your situation?

if this is the case then I got my answer.

Otherwise 1st image is from the My Assets page,

and 2nd images is from the 3d Tiles inspector from the sand castle,

Yes, the first image just shows the bounds of all the tiles.

You can load you data into the 3d Tiles inspector sandcastle using your asset id and adding in your access token if you want to see how your tileset is broken down into tiles. You may have to zoom in to cause it to load additional tiles.