How to merge multiple tilesets into a single one?

I have seven tilesets having each AssetIDs supported by cesium ion. Each tileset includes 3D buildings covering its administrative area. For the project area, 3D building data was divided by 7 sectors for the sake of performance and safe upload to Cesium ion. However, accessing the building theme alternating the AssetID was troublesome. I want to merge the multiple tilesets into a single tileset. How can I do it?

FYI, from client side in CesiumJS, I used the array to treat the tilesets like a single theme. Here is the example;

        var tileset = null
        array = [ 265710, 265727, 265780, 265463, 265290, 265395, 265431 ];
        for (index = 0; index < array.length; index++) {
            tileset = viewer.scene.primitives.add(
                new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({
                    url: Cesium.IonResource.fromAssetId(array[index]),
                    maximumScreenSpaceError: 16,
                    maximumMemoryUsage: 512

But it shows a performance issue for the assets in the latter part of the array (e.g. 265395, 265431). Accessing the AssetID 265431 takes very long even when the screen tries to display the corresponding area only.

Can I get some help?

Apologizes for the delay. If all of your assets are the same type of data, you can try reuploading all of them simultaneously to Cesium ion as one tiling job. It should detect and merge them into one tileset on your behalf. Let us know if you still run into issues with this approach.

Thanks for the note, though I’m late. I understand the current state of Cesium. However, I’m obliged to take risk of reuploading all of the buildings as a single tiling job… The risk means a sort of network failure during the long-term uploading job for a very very many number of buildings… I hope CesiumGS resolve it in the near future.


We appreciate your concern. Many other community members have expressed similar grievances. We are scheduled to release 3D Tiles Next in the near future. This release should resolve many common issues that users such as yourself experience. As always, we are looking for input on the next generation of 3D Tiles.


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