Merging 3D Tilesets

I have roughly ~1000 large 3D tilesets (also available as single .obj files).
I plan to host them myself. Is there any way to “merge” them into one 3D tileset?
Using 1000 tileset URLs is not going to be very performant.
But I could not find any pointers yet how to solve this problem.

Data Source: Planning Department Hong Kong 3D Photo-realistic Model 規劃署 香港三維實景模型 规划署 香港三维实景模型


Great question! It seems like there is at least one other post that asks a similar question. In general, you should upload all of your data to Cesium ion, yielding a single URL that will load all of your data. The data you provided is in a format accepted by Cesium ion so this is certainly feasible. Sadly, I do not know of an elegant way to “merge” 1000 large 3D tilesets if you are hosting them yourself. I will check in with the Cesium team and let you know if anything comes up.


The thing is: hosting a few terrabyte for single user locally is easy and cheap. While I could upload it to Ion, it would be VERY expensive. The amount of data would even require custom tier pricing.

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