How to add multiple tilesets in one go?

I use Cesium - Blank 3D tiles Tileset to add my tileset.json from C drive. However, How can I add more than a hundred json files in one go? Is it necessary to do it in script?

You have a hundred different tilesets with their own tileset.json? Yeah I guess you’d want to do that from script, then. Tilesets are usually meant to be chunkier than that, though. Having a hundred of them is very much not typical, and may lead to poor performance.

Thank Kevin. Should I merge all tilesets to one big tile before I add it to UE? But I can only download json format from web, not sure can it be easily to merge all together.

Where did you get these tilesets from? Merging them together in a way that achieves good performance is unfortunately not trivial.

I download from government public website, they provide the whole map but divided as many grid size tiles. Also, when I added to the UE, the error occurs: LogCesium: Warning: [2023-05-24 11:37:15.236] [warning] [TilesetJsonLoader.cpp:428] Tile did not contain a geometricError. Using half of the parent tile’s geometric error.

They provide them in 3D Tiles format? Or they provide some other format, and you converted them to 3D Tiles?

They provide 3D tiles format.

Hmm well I’m afraid they’ve missed the point of 3D Tiles there. It doesn’t make much sense to divide a model up into a grid of separate 3D Tiles tilesets. A single tileset has its own hierarchical tile / level of detail system that is optimized for visualization. A hundred tiles on a 2D grid is not useful for this use-case and forces a client to do a lot of unnecessary work.