Offline Country Borders Layer

I have a need for low-to-moderate resolution offline capabilities for demo applications, but so far I’ve only been able to get halfway there. Using info previously posted to this forum I now successfully have an offline 2km-resolution imagery layer of the globe using the UnearthedOutdoors data set ( exported to a static directory using MapTiler ( (Note to any future readers: The open-source beta version works better than the newer freeware version. )

I also need to overlay at least basic Country borders/names on the map for reference. What is the best way of doing so for an offline server, without requiring a full GIS server installation?


  • David

I actually had the exact same need for a corporate project I’m on. I took the “Admin 0 - Countries” shapefiles available at , made some custom modifications to the Cesium “czml-writer” command-line conversion utility, and converted the country shapefiles into two CZML files, one for borders and one for labels. The czml-writer mods included the ability to filter which shapes were included in the CZML output based on shapefile data attribute comparisons, writing out a shapefile polygon as a CZML polyline, calculating a country’s label location as a geographic centroid, and determining the color of the CZML output. I then have my app load those CZML files at startup time.

Sadly, my corporate masters have decreed that I am unable to return any of my changes back to the Cesium community, a decision that I am deeply disappointed in. Hopefully this at least gives you a starting point to work with. If you need some more pointers, email me and I’ll see what sort of info I can give you.