On Chrome under Windows 10, zooming close to the surface is slow and choppy

On Chrome under Windows 10, zooming becomes slow and choppy if you zoom close to the ground. It’s working OK on any other browser I tried: Win 10 - Edge, Firefox, IE. Ubuntu - Firefox, Chrome. Does someone else experience this? Cesium version is the latest 1.31.

I haven’t seen this on Chrome/Windows7. I’ll see if someone on the team with Windows10 has this problem.


I tested on two other machines, also running Windows 10
The one with AMD Radeon video had the same issue. The other one (NVIDIA adapter) ran Cesium smoothly without issue. My PC which I initially tested on, also has AMD Radeon adapter. I’m not sure if adapter type is of any signifficance though, just decided to mention it. I’m also not sure if this happens on other versions of Windows, but I can now definitely tell it’s not local problem to my PC / browser.

Hmm, okay. Thanks for the extra information. Are the drivers for your video card up to date? That could potentially cause issues if they’re really outdated.
It’s possible it’s an AMD specific issue. Most of us have NVIDIA cards so that would explain why we haven’t seen it. I’ll see if I can get a computer with an AMD card to test with.


Yes, my Windows is updated with the latest AMD Radeon drivers

Just an update: Although I have updated my video drivers several times since I posted this and the problem persisted, now, after the last update (version 17.4.2) it appears to have been fixed. I assume it has probably been an issue with AMD driver.

Thanks for the update, Svetoslav! I have an AMD Radeon and didn’t see any issues… not sure what might have caused it. I’m glad that the update fixed it. Please keep us posted if you have further problems.


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