on iPad only our Cesium says "Authentication Required assets.agi.com"

Our Cesium app runs well on Mac and other desktops, but on iPad we get a popup
"Authentication Required" from assets.agi.com. What's the cause and how to fix it? thanks

Does the standard Cesium terrain demo work? http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Apps/Sandcastle/gallery/Terrain.html

Can you share the code you are using to connect to the terrain server?

Yes the demo works…

Will follow up tomorrow regarding our code, thank for now

I’ve seen this as well, on all versions of Safari (including on OS X). It only happens if you’re using the old terrain URL on cesiumjs.org, not if you use assets.agi.com.

What happens is this: Safari does a GET request for a tile from cesiumjs.org and gets back a 301, as expected. Now instead of then doing a GET to the new URL like every other browser, Safari instead does an OPTIONS request. Why? I can’t imagine. But this triggers an auth dialog because STK Terrain Server is configured to require auth for all requests other than GET.

So, you can fix this in your app by updating to the non-deprecated URL. AGI can also fix it by configuring the terrain web server to allow anonymous GET requests.


Sorry, that last sentence should say “anonymous OPTIONS requests.”

Thanks for the breakdown, Kevin. I’ll see about getting Alex to look into this on the server side, I’m sure someone else will run into it again in the future.

Problem fixed. Thanks, Kevin.