OrthographicFrustum zoom question

How does one go about changing the zoom/magnification of a camera using an OrthographicFrustum? I've tried manually changing the frustum's dimensions (width/left/right/top/bottom/etc), but this has no effect on the view. Is there a call that needs to be made after changing frustum properties for them to take effect?

The only way I can make the camera zoom using an OrthoFrustum is to move the camera position forward/backward along it's view axis. This is however a bit of a cheat/shortcut I think -- an ortho camera will always show the same projection no matter how close/far away it is. When I dolly the camera position fore/aft I see the frustum numbers change accordingly, but I am unable to effect a change in the projection by changing those numbers directly myself.

I'm on Cesium 1.49/Chrome/Windows

I just tried doing viewer.camera.zoomOut() and it seems to work for me. Here’s the example I tried.

Is this what you’re trying to accomplish? If not, can you share a Sandcastle example of what you’re doing?