Overriding GetFeatureInfo request (pickFeatures function) in WebMapServiceImageryProvider?


We have a requirement to override the pickFeatures function in WebMapServiceImageryProvider (well, pickFeatures is actually in the UrlTemplateImageryProvider etc). We'd like to replace it with a call to a WPS process that returns values in JSON. At the moment, I've monkey-patched it to get our implementation working but I think someone must have done this before?

(We need to do this as GetFeatureInfo returns some basically useless rgb values from geotiffs - we want to access the underlying data which is in netcdf, hence the call to the WPS instead).

Cheers and thanks!

Hi Simon,

If you use UrlTemplateImageryProvider directly, you can specify a separate URL template for feature picking. You can also specify the ‘getFeatureInfoFormats’ parameter to customize how the response is interpreted.

If you’re using WebMapServiceImageryProvidery, though, monkey patching is the only option.


Thanks Kevin - actually coming down through TerriaJS WebMapServiceCatalogItem to WebMapServiceImageryProvider - if that doesn’t help then I guess it looks like the monkey patch is it.

Cheers and thanks, Simon