Pan View with keys/buttons

I would like to implement the mouse movements with keys - I have seen the camera tutorial, but the “Pan view” of the mouse behaves different.

Can anyone give me a tip ?


Hi Rüdiger,

Could you please give an example (ideally via Sandcastle) of what you are trying to do and what the issue is with the camera pan?


Hi Eli,

I try do implement the camera/map movement with buttons for a touch screen.

I can’t use the gestures, so I look for another solution:

pan left/right → camera move left/right
pan up/down → camera move up/down
zoom in/out → camera moveforward/backward

But this is not the same as the Pan view using the mouse (drag left button and move mouse).
I have seen the function pan3D of screenspacecontroller - which handles the mouse movement. So I think to get the world coordinates from the middle of the screen and from a second point (±10 pixel in X or ±10 pixels in y) and use the pan3D function.


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