Pangong Lake (India / China imagery) - Unreal Plugin

I’m trying to look at Pangong Lake (Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 33.752491, 78.668243) but the existing data sets through the Cesium plugin doesn’t seem to work. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can get this data? (Paid or otherwise).


I plugged in those coords and found myself looking at what looks like a reservoir lake in an arid location.
I can only assume that it is this Pangong Lake.
Using the free cesium for unreal plugin with Bing as its source.

In Unreal (should have clarified)

Using the quick start tutorial here Cesium for Unreal Quickstart – Cesium, you can see my screenshot of Chicago working, but black screen when using the coords for the lake, free cesium for unreal with Bing Maps Aerial as source. Maybe there’s something easy/small I’m missing…I placed my Georeference origin after entering the new location, etc.

I’m not at the computer with my unreal project right now but…
Pangong lake is 4225 meters in altitude (13862 feet).
Your H is set to quite a bit lower than 4225. My guess is you are underground.

You know what…I just had to adjust the time, it was night :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Well, that, too. :slight_smile: