panning movement depending on the scale


when panning at a small scale, ie globe, country, region level, the point you pick with the mouse stays more or less below the mouse during the pan providing a good uX to the user as globe/terrain movement is more or less identical as the mouse/cursor movement, ie coherent.

In case you are at a very large scale, say for example zoom level 17-18, when panning, the globe/terrain moves faster than the mouse cursor, making it difficult for the user to do short panning movement, that are requirement for example if you’d like to pan along a walking path in the mountain at zoom level 17-18.

Is an adjustment of the pan speed or pan movement per zoom level planned? Is this part of the issue

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Yes, pull down that branch and give it a try. It is much better than Cesium b30 for navigating terrain when zoomed in very close. The plan is to release this with Cesium 1.0 on August 1.