Part of the world as static mesh

Hello, is that possible to somehow get the part of the tileset download as a static mesh? Any way? Becouse i face complications when try to simulate my world and also its extremely unconfortable to work with a streamed tileset like this. Of course if this is the only way i understand but if anyone could help me i would much appreciete it.

Hi @Tibor_Venosz,

If you’re hosting your tileset via Cesium ion, you can make your tileset available for offline use by enabling the “Make available for download” option:
Then, you can follow Step 5 in the Adding Datasets tutorial to add a tileset from a local directory.

EDIT: I misread your question, but the download step is related. In 3D Tiles, the meshes are usually embedded in a format that you can’t import to game engines. For example, photogrammetry is often stored in Batched 3D Model format (.b3dm). It’s possible to extract the glTFs from the tiles using these tools here: GitHub - CesiumGS/3d-tiles-tools. You should then be able to import the glTF into Unreal Engine.