Path from one point to other

Hi Gabby,

I want to develop application in which it will show the path to reach from one point to another point.

From where should i start this using cesium?

Basically, show fastest possible paths to reach from one point to other (where, 2 position of points are mentioned).

How can we show this?
Please help

Thanks in advance

Shubham M.

Hi Shubham,

You would need to determine your way of calculating the path positions, and one you have the positions then you could visualize the path in Cesium using a Polyline.

We have a cool demo on the site that does something similar called Wayfinder.



Hi Gabby,

Can we have some algorithm to reach from one point to another?

Since way-finder, has its position as static, but i need points to be created dynamic depending on point 1 and point 2.

Please guide


Shubham M

Hi Gabby,

Can we implement terrian profile with terrian synchronization??

i.e. if we keep cursor on terrian part on globe, it should show its exact location on another window(which is showing terrian profile)

for eg :- please refer below image…(with 2 black dots showing exact locations)

one black dots on globe and another dot on terrian profile below…

Can we implement the same??

Please help here.


Shubham Mahale

You should be able to update the other window on the mouse move event like in the picking example. You should be able to grab the relevant information like position and elevation in the same way as that example as well.

Thank you Gabby…

I have a geoJSON in which all my positions will be defined. I just need to display path between that points.

I will try using wayfinder for now.


Shubham M

That’s outside of the scope of CesiumJS, which is for visualization, not for calculating shortest paths. There are many different algorithms available if you google “shortest path algorithm”.