? Performance Improvements since version 1.63? Nov-2019

Hi Folks,
The CesiumJS version (1.63) in a 3D viewer project might be getting a bit stale. But updating to the recent 1.111 might be a chore. So I’m trying to weigh the options.

I’ve been word-searching and “reading” the change log for CesiumJS from this link: https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium/blob/1.111/CHANGES.md

But maybe someone has experience since around Nov 2019 with staying updated… and could tell me either “it is a no-brainer to upgrade if performance is key” or “meh, might or might not help.”

Well, I see a number of people have had a look at the question. If anyone has a better idea where I should be asking… don’t be shy.

Thank you