Performance optimization on old hardware

I've seen some tips here and there about Cesium options that can help with performance on slow machines. I'm trying to deploy a Cesium-based application on a corporate network with some users stuck on end-of-life systems (Win7, outdated video cards, old drivers, etc) and I'd like to make it as performant for them as possible. They currently get less than 10fps in most cases, on a basic Viewer with no extra data loaded.

One suggestion was to set `skyAtmosphere: false`, but this appears to only help when in 3D mode. Maybe I could also disable certain scene modes? It'd be great if we had a single article or blog post that put all the performance-impacting options in one place.


Hey James,



I replied to David privately but forgot to CC the list. I got together a bunch of performance options and put them all under a single toggle in my settings menu:

    viewer.resolutionScale = lowQual ? LOW_RES_PERCENT : 1.0;
    viewer.scene.fxaa = !lowQual;
    viewer.scene.sunBloom = !lowQual; = !lowQual;
    viewer.scene.fog.enabled = !lowQual;
    viewer.shadows = !lowQual;
    viewer.terrainShadows = !lowQual;
    viewer.scene.shadowMap.enabled = !lowQual;

Some of those might be redundant, but I can get roughly double the framerate with a suitably low resolution percentage plus all the above turned off. I would still welcome suggestions for other settings with a performance impact!


Thank you very match for your answer. It helps me up performance for big map data project( is so more entities + models

Hi is there a sample/demo code for this setInterval() function combined with the performance options?