Photogrammetry classification

Hi everyone!
May be you can help me?
I found these example Cesium Sandcastle
and i’m wondering what program was used to perform photogrammetric classification when creating 3D Tiles, and how can the result be used?

Thank you in advance

Sorry for the late response here.

The data in this example was provided by external contributors. We do not know the details about how the classification itself was performed. (It may very well have been a manual process).

The actual classification information is stored in the tile glTF tile content: It uses the EXT_mesh_features glTF extension to store “feature IDs” - specifically: Each point on the surface for the mesh receives an ID, using a feature ID texture.

(These feature IDs are associated with metadata, using the EXT_structural_metadata extension. It stores the color and the name for each component type (i.e. for each ID) using a Property Table)