Picking entity path, what is the time at pick position

Is it possible to pick entity and know what is the time at that position. For example when picking - “hovering” path. What is the time along the path.

I would use this to get and display additional data.


Hi there,

You can get the current simulation time with viewer.clock.currentTime. How are you defining the path positions? Do you have a code example?



Hi, Gabby
I create path from czml standard way.


You can use the time to retrieve a position with PositionProperty.getValue, but I’m not aware of a way to do the inverse. Perhaps you can use the two times at the two closest positions and interpolate between them according to the distance.

CZML is intended to be used to reflect the current state of each property depending on the simulation time. For your use case, where you’re looking to do the inverse, perhaps CZML isn’t the best option.