Plugins: Using and Writing

I’ve been search for info about plugins and it all seems out of date. So a couple of questions:

Is there an up to date list of plugins somewhere?

Are there docs on how to write plugins?

Welcome to the Cesium forum Paul!

Are you referring to the plugins referenced here?

If so, CesiumJS’s plugin system has been deprecated. All plugins are now either part of the library itself, or part of the commercial analytics package:

Are you considering writing a plugin? If it’s something others would be interested you can always open a pull request to add it to the library:

Yes that is what I was looking at.

In particular this is what started my search to thinking about a plugin:

It is a particularly useful feature that hasn’t been merged in for ever two years now. So I was thinking about cleaning it up and getting it in ship shape again. However, if it isn’t accepted then I was looking for a way to integrate it without going off a separate fork. So a plugin system would be nice. Also it would be useful for any propriety code needed to be integrated.

I think the problem with the plugin architecture is that the interface either has to be high level enough that changes in the library don’t break plugins (which limits what you can do with plugins) or low level enough to allow you to do everything you need (then maintaining the plugin becomes more like maintaining a fork).

But I could be wrong. If you have a good idea of how you think this could work feel free to propose it on GitHub!

As for the entities as reference frames PR - I agree this would be very useful. I think there’s a good chance a cleaned up version of this PR can be merged in a reasonable timeframe. It would help the reviewer a lot if you’ve already tested it in your application and can show that it’s production ready/has all the unit tests etc.

My ultimate goal is the reference frame feature, so thanks for the comments.