Png image from qgis or arcgis desktop to base layer (offline) in cesium

Hi, in very new in cesium and also have very basic level on javascript and node js. My question is.
How i can export a layer of entire world (about 10 MB in png) to be used offline like base layer in cesium?
Can somebody explain me the process steep by steep? I was more than 10 days trying to do it but im really becoming crazy.

Thanks in advance…

Hey @ZhefengJin - I’ve removed your reply here because downloading processed data from Cesium ion by scraping it is not allowed by the terms of service:

To use the Service, you agree to comply with all laws, regulations and any third party agreements. Furthermore, you may not :

  • Download the Content for offline use (except for Web Browsers automatically caching locally on the client for performance)


But all your other suggestions you presented are welcome.

@Federicu what are you using to export your imagery? If you have a way of generating it as a WMTS or TMS tileset, you can load that into CesiumJS like in this example:

Hey omar, I did not know that downloading processed data from Ion is not allowed by the terms of service.
I will comply with all laws.
Thank you!

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@omar I’m exporting from Arcmap, but there is no way for export in those formats. I also tried with qgis and is not possible too. :frowning: