Point cloud 3D tile generators and custom shader issues

I am rendering a point cloud with a custom shader, it’s displaying perfectly in the sandcastle
and with the PNTS tiles that are automatically exported out of DJI Terra, but if I generate tiles from the LAS with gocesiumtiler, it renders fine and in-position with the standard shader and style as simple RGB, but renders complete noise with the custom shader.

The end goal is to change colour based on height (I had no luck styling based on POSITION_ABSOLUTE so I looked to custom shaders)

Is there something wrong with gocesiumtiler? Or my settings? Can anybody recommend a better way to generate point cloud tiles locally?

Sandcastle with custom shader: :white_check_mark:

DJI Terra generated tiles: :white_check_mark:

gocesiumtiler generated tiles: :-1:

gocesiumtiler file \
  --epsg 32756 \
  --resolution 1 \
  --depth 8 \
  --min-points-per-tile 5000 \
  --out "tiles-gocesiumtiler" \

Note that the positions of both tilesets are the same, I have used this method of generating tiles for quite a while but I’ve only ran into problems now that I am using a custom shader.

Any tips or information is greatly appreciated!