Point cloud is below the Google Photorealistic Tiles

Hi Cesium community!

I am relatively new to Cesium. I have gotten a Cesium Map to work using the Google 3D Photorealistic Tileset by following this

Now my problem is i also have a imported point cloud and when i use google map the point cloud seem to be below the map.

here is what i tried so far
click here

when i tried to change the value of maximumScreenSpaceError to something like 1.0, it kinda stick to the map but it loads very slow. can someone please point me to the right direction?

i have added a demo for visual reference

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @alpas,

Google’s 3D Tiles use a slightly different reference system than the rest of CesiumJS.

I would suggest adjusting the height of your point cloud tileset to match.

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thanks! I’ll try.